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Digital Marketing


Vondr’s mission is to encourage and support digital business transformation, with a focus on the areas of sales and marketing, for B2B companies. We do this by guiding our customers, step by step, from a clear digital strategy to its implementation.

Our services encompass strategic consulting, tactical planning and a complete set of tools that will drive growth and improve performance.

Vondr combines expert knowledge in sales, marketing and technology. We are:

  • practical consultants with one single focus: RESULTS
  • passionate about the opportunity that digital transformation entails
  • experts in sales and marketing
  • with international experience across Europe to Silicon Valley
  • a one-stop-shop for your digital needs: from strategy to implementation.

Vondr was born in Italy by founding partners who originate from northern Europe, where digital transformation has taken it to the top of the agenda in leading companies. Our aim is to take best practices from these digital frontrunners and help you explore the opportunity that lies within digitalization to help your organization stay ahead of competition and prepare for the future.

Our specialties:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Sales Transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Change Management
  • B2B
  • Sales Optimization
  • Digital Strategy
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