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bts design innovation

BTS Design Innovation is a Milan based design consultancy firm focused on all-around innovation. We design both tangible objects and intangible contents through innovation practices. We operate at the intersection of design, technology and business, infusing our projects with functionality and brain values, as well as emotion and meaning. Our purpose is to provide tangible value through the application of design methodologies aiming to meet today the needs of tomorrow.

We help our clients growing, acquire value and innovate the market through a strategic mindset and a design process tailored to each project. We usually address marketing, engineering and R&D departments, working in tandem with them to create and maximise value for the company.


  • Transportation / Automotive
  • Fast-movers consumer goods
  • Chemistry & Materials
  • Automation
  • Heavy Industry
  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Baby care
  • Robotics
  • Biomedical
  • Lighting

Our design process is based on a double diamond model, consisting in a divergent, exploratory phase followed by a convergent, synthetic one. This distinctive structure enable us to uncover new, attractive, feasible and effective solutions for our clients. We usually address marketing, engineering and R&D departments, working in tandem with them to create and maximise value for the company.

Year after year we’ve built an extensive physical archive made of material’s samples, production prototypes and results of various processes experimentations for our clients to explore, touch and feel.

We keep constant track of what’s going on in the design and manufacturing world visiting both local and international events, exhibitions and conferences all year round.

Our studio houses a vast and unique repertoire of natural items (fruits seeds, tree leaves, animal skeletons and more) collected in years and used as case studies when researching high demanding and context based performative solutions.

We use workshops and co-design events as strategic tools to collect different experiences, opinions and points of view, rendering a multifaceted vision of the project and incrementing its innovation potential.

Our milanese office is an unconventional, playful and inspirational space, designed to facilitate
cross-fertilization and foster innovation.

The diversity of our staff give us a broad perspective and enable us to solve problems and
uncover opportunities in unique ways. Our team is composed by design professionals and researchers, having different backgrounds and coming from various parts of the world. Furthermore, we cooperate with a wide network of specialists, suppliers and institutions in
order to build an extended multidisciplinary team tailored on every single project.

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Internago AB è una società svedese fondata nel 2017.

La nostra missione è facilitare e digitalizzare il processo di internazionalizzazione delle aziende.

Vogliamo rendere la crescita internazionale più semplice ed economica, riducendo al minimo l’onere amministrativo; siamo specialisti in tutto ciò che riguarda amministrazione e payroll per le società che entrano in nuovi mercati.

Grazie al nostro Internago Webportal riusciamo a svolgere tutte queste funzioni online, abbattendo tempi e costi di una gestione tradizionale e garantendo una visione d´insieme più snella ed immediata per i nostri clienti.

Attualmente abbiamo una presenza offline a Parigi, Milano e Stoccolma; il nostro obiettivo è quello di crescere con i nostri clienti a livello internazionale, sia online che offline. Ci concentriamo sui mercati Europei, ma siamo lieti di collaborare con aziende di tutti i paesi del mondo che desiderano avviare un’attività in Europa.

Visita e scopri nuovi mercati – online!

Internago AB is a Swedish company founded in 2017.

Our mission at Internago is to facilitate and digitalize the internationalization process.

We want to make the international growth easier and affordable for all companies by reducing the administrative burden to a minimum. We are specialists in everything that concerns administration and payroll for companies when entering new markets.

Thanks to our Internago Webportal we are able to perform all these functions online, reducing the time and costs of traditional management and guaranteeing a more streamlined and immediate overview for our customers.

We currently have offline presence in Paris, Milan and Stockholm, and our objective is to grow with our customers internationally – both online and offline. We focus on European markets, but we welcome to work with companies from all countries in the world that want to set up business in Europe.

Please visit and discover new markets – online!

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Karen Lawrence Öqvist, a defender of privacy and the face behind the company, created Privasee in 2015 to offer a unique combination of services in terms of compliance with privacy standards, which is in fact a human right, and provide compliance services with the GDPR.

For Privasee, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a result of the IoT and digital transformation that has fostered many privacy abuses. The GDPR is individual centric, whether it is any individual – being a client, a partner or a collaborator. But more than that, the GDPR has broadened the concept of privacy compliance, which is no longer limited to the legal office and has been integrated into the company’s operating systems.

What, then, is the role of Privasee? “Today, the biggest challenge for many organizations is the creation of common processes that respect the rights of each individual. Therefore, Privasee considered it essential to establish a bridge between the commercial, legal and IT departments“.

It is necessary to integrate compliance into privacy policies across all business processes, through a “common privacy language“.

The GDPR is about trust. It is about knowing that companies will deal with the personal data of all individuals, be they collaborators, customers or partners” and for this reason, Privasee will guide you in a maturity path in terms of privacy, establishing the necessary connections so that you can guarantee which is in compliance in all functions within your company.

Privasee train and empower your company with customized qualified GDPR Privacy services

  • Learning online | GDPR Certificate
  • DPO Timeshare for your GDPR Journey


Awareness e-learning – the DOVE (20-30 minutes)

The “Privacy (GDPR) Awareness” course is an eLearning experience that has been developed by Privasee to introduce Privacy (GDPR) in any organization to provide employees with an understanding of personal data and information;

  • Be aware and understand what personal data is.
  • Analyse the importance of privacy.
  • Define privacy and GDPR in their workplace.
  • Put to practice easy tips for GDPR compliance in their workplace.

The Awareness e-Learning is available in English, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Foundation e-Learning – the EAGLE (3-4 hrs)

Developed by Privacy practitioners the GDPR Foundation eLearning provides the learner with a deeper knowledge of GDPR and helps individuals or staff in an organisation to reduce the gap between business, IT/security operations and the legal team. The GDPR Foundation covers: Consent, Rights of Data Subject, The Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF), Data Protection by Design, Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and Breach Notification

After completing the GDPR Foundation Course you will be able to:

  • Understand all aspects of personal privacy.
  • Reduce risk of data breach within your organisation.
  • Identify what changes in your company the GDPR requires to ensure compliance.
  • Bridge the gap and improve communication between business, IT & legal departments.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and protection to customers, partners, regulators and staff.

The Foundation eLearning is available in English



The Certified Privacy Practitioner/EU-DPO (CPP/EU-DPO) Award provides a journey that takes the student from foundations to practitioner knowledge level in the EU GDPR and Data Protection by Design (DPbD), as a default across their organisation.

The Privacy (GDPR) Practitioner prepares students for following occupations:

  • DPO (Data Protection Officer)
  • Compliance managers
  • Project managers
  • Risk managers
  • Information security professionals
  • Auditors (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOX, etc.)
  • Legal professionals wanting to learn GDPR from a compliance standpoint

The CPP/EU equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills required for developing, implementing and proactively managing a successful GDPR strategy for their own organisation. At the end of the course, the student will have acquired the following competencies allowing him/her the responsibility and autonomy to:

  • Present a GDPR privacy program approach/framework to the board.
  • Articulate privacy risks in relation to other organisational risks, e.g. corporate, IT, security, etc., to the board.
  • Communicate with legal on GDPR compliance.

The CPP/EU is available in English, Swedish, Portuguese, French and Italian.


Karen is an author, speaker, and an appreciated business woman.

She earned two master’s degrees and privacy certifications with the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals). She is a Professor of IAPP for CIPP certifications in GDPR and Privacy.

She is a privacy advocate and she has been working in the area of privacy since 2007 and has created an easy-to-understand framework for the entire organization to collaborate with GDPR’s compliance principles.

Today, she is Founder and CEO of Privasee, a start-up focused on Data Protection and Privacy.

She is the author of the book “Hands-On Guide to GDPR Compliance Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default”, launched in March 2018. She is often invited to speak at various conferences such as Nordic IT Security 2016, Cloud Confessions 2017, ExpoRH 2018 and, also, Portugal eHealth Summit 2018. 

For more information upon Privasee and our training programmes in Italy

Visit or contact Jennifer Ekström, Business Development Manager at Privasee: | Linkedin

Privasee is a knowledge company, specialized in GDPR and Privacy. We support companies, organizations and governmental entities on their journey to become GDPR compliant as well as train employees and managers in privacy awareness and advanced training programmes connected to privacy.
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UMANIA è una società di Consulenza Strategica che supporta le organizzazioni di diversi settori nei processi di innovazione e di sviluppo. Il suo obiettivo è offrire un approccio progettuale operativo, concreto e sostenibile alle imprese che vogliono innovare i propri prodotti e servizi per mantenersi competitive in un mercato sempre più complesso. UMANIA dapprima analizza il reale fabbisogno di un’azienda cliente e gli obiettivi di massima che questa si prefigge di raggiungere; in seguito la accompagna durante l’intero processo di sviluppo: dal modello organizzativo alla risorsa umana, dal servizio alla rete vendita, dall’ideazione del prodotto all’ingegnerizzazione e all’eventuale produzione. UMANIA individua le soluzioni ideali per condividere il metodo di lavoro e garantire il massimo del risultato nel minimo del tempo.

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